40-833 Katowice, 5 Dulęby Street

tel. /fax: 0322564713

mobile phone: 0601446869

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e-mail: kancelariabak(at)

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Katowice 1st Oct 2010

The chambers busies with:


Law service of private person and legal entity

I am 48 years old. I have been a lawyer for 9 years.

The head office of my chambers is seated in Katowice 40-833, 5 Dulęby Street,

The branch is seated in Rybnik 44-200, 12 Weber Street.

Contant with Office:

The office constantly co-operates with legal counsellors and advocates.

The office busies with cases in the field of:

1) civil law

2) economic law

3) law of commercial partnerships with registration proceedings in front of The National Registration Court

4) property law

5) building law

6) administrative law

 7) administrative and court-administrative proceedings

8) work law

9) turnover economic contracts

10) amount due vindication

11) inheritance cases

12) cases in the field of property relations between spouses and between parents and children (particularly cases concerning divorce or alimony)

13) compensation and satisfaction cases

14) public procurement law, also based on the contract conditions of FIDIC.

15) mining damages

16) transmission line easement

The office constantly co-operates with a vindicatory firm, keeps current and good contacts with debtcollectors in Silesian Province.

The office can also offer the secretary service.

As a legal counsellor I specialise in economic law, work law, service of partnerships, property law and also inheritance law and family law.


The office constantly co-operates with notaries in Rybnik, Katowice and in Sosnowiec.

In that field I finished postgraduate studies of economic and commercial law in Silesian University in Katowice.

The office and our workers, fluently communicate in speaking and writing in English and Russian.

I propose law service it means personal being in Your Firm at least once a week and being flexible prepared to work by e-mail or by phone everyday except Saturdays and Sundays but if necessary also on those days. The flexibility concerns all office workers.

The opinion or judgement concerning law problems I can give in the course 24 hours.

I offer the substitution of Your Form in front of Offices, Courts and if necessary in front of private person.

The details, in case of provisionally accepting offer, I will present personally.

At present The Office is being converted into a bigger subject, in which range will be service in the field of economic and civil law, law service of private person and legal entity, entirely with bigger number of lawyers participated and more people constantly co-operated with. The territory of the new subject activity will be the whole silesian province.

Those circumstances, as well as the work The Office has been doing so far gives the warranty of appropriate execution of commitments which will be accepted.


Yours sincerely Krzysztof Bąk